Robin perched in Cashiers NCSpring must be just around the corner. Today I saw robins foraging and daffodils peaking up out the ground. I took a stroll in the Kara Leigh Pulley Park, Village Green, in Cashiers. The boardwalk through the marsh was still silent, waiting for the frogs and insects of spring. I turned the corner into the grassy area where summer concerts are given and there in the middle of the field were a dozen robins.

Song Sparrow in Cashiers, NC

The song sparrow in the photo is a year round resident who is often found in parks and brushy areas. The marshy area next to the walkway also attracts the sparrows

The daffodils have a few weeks before blooming, but it did feel like spring was near when seeing the green shoots emerging from the earth.

Bridge near the Village Green, Cashiers, Nc