River Otter on Lake Glenville NCRiver otters are elusive creatures, but they do live at Lake Glenville. I took a short walk to the dam in 8 inches of snow, quite difficult without snowshoes! After admiring the snow covered hills and mountains as well as the lake shore I started trudging back home through the snow. I decided to walk as close to the shore as possible, but at the road level which is about 20 feet above the shore line.

As I was walking I caught a brown streak at the water’s edge. I quickly snapped a couple of pictures as you can see here (really fuzzy pictures of the otter). He walked along the water’s edge to the rocks at the dam itself, then I could see water rippling, but the otter was gone. I am also adding a photo of his tracks (hard to photo white tracks in white snow). He came down the hill and crossed the road sometime in the past 24 hours.

River Otter Tracks by Lake Glenville NC

River Otter spotted at Lake Glenville NC

Here is an interesting website about otters in NC.