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How Low Can Lake Glenville Go

We have had an interesting start to Fall at Lake Glenville. Duke Energy has lowered the lake extra low this year (a planned 16 feet) in order to fix up the Pines Recreation Area at the northern end near the dam. Lake Glenville is always lowered after Labor Day, but this is the lowest the lake has been since 2003. It is so low that the water does not even reach the overflow doors that releases water over High Falls.

Low Lake Levels at Lake Glenville Dam

The plan for the Pines Recreational Area includes a nice new swimming area, bathrooms, and picnicking spots. The lake lowering is mainly for making a level slope of the swimming beach. I am so glad they are doing this. This spot has always been popular for swimming, but it was an awkward scrabble to reach the water. With no other public swimming areas, this will be a nice spot for visitors to Lake Glenville. They have already done a ton of work on the area, and the plan is to start to raise the water levels back to winter height around mid-December.

Pines Recreation Area under construction at Lake Glenville

Surprisingly, the lower water line does not detract from the beauty of this little gem of a lake. The autumn skies are the best of the year, as blue and clear as a topaz. Normally, the lush vegetation crowds all the way to the lake surface, but now there is a rocky beach that you can walk along.

Low water at Lake Glenville NC

The islands do look a little funny, like they have been caught with their slips showing. The two at the Pine Creek end of the lake have morphed into one island.

Low water merges two islands on Lake Glenville

The lower water levels have revealed another unexpected and mysterious group of objects. Just this last week, three grenades were found near the dam. It looks like they had probably been in the water for a while. They had also been opened up, filled with black powder, and then patched back up–like someone had put them together at home. Kind of weird, I know. They were detonated carefully. The lake shore is not closed, but be careful if you are walking along it. And keep your eyes open, who knows what you might find.

Low water at Lake Glenville Dam

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