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Wildlife Wednesday–Find The Gro...

Wildlife Wednesday–Find The Grouse

Grouse are remarkable at camouflage. This NC spring they are quite plentiful if you know where to look. I have a friend who works for the Forestry service who says he has seen at least 20 this spring. My Dear Husband was out and about this week around Lake Glenville and found a grouse waiting […]

Wildlife Wednesday–River Otter

Wildlife Wednesday–River Otter

River otters are elusive creatures, but they do live at Lake Glenville. I took a short walk to the dam in 8 inches of snow, quite difficult without snowshoes! After admiring the snow covered hills and mountains as well as the lake shore I started trudging back home through the snow. I decided to walk […]

Wildlife Wednesday–Canada geese

Wildlife Wednesday–Canada geese

My goal for the next few days or weeks is to find and photograph the various kinds of waterfowl that inhabit Lake Glenville or the surrounding small ponds. Yesterday I saw Mallards and Redheads, photos coming soon. Today I took a walk along the lake because I could see two Canada Geese standing near the […]

Wildlife Wednesday–Thieving Squ...

Wildlife Wednesday–Thieving Squirrel

Caught in the act, this squirrel is stealing from the Glenville birds.

Wildlife Wednesday–Glenville Ra...

Wildlife Wednesday–Glenville Raccoon

This adorable raccoon was photographed recently in Glenville, NC by Lee Froystad, talented local stained glass artist.

Wildlife Wednesday–Barred Owl

Wildlife Wednesday–Barred Owl

This gorgeous bird is taking shelter from the rain in Lake Glenville, NC.