Barn on Cullowhee Glenville WNC

Two story barn near Tilley Creek

Although the Glenville and Cashiers, NC areas are a tourist destination, some local residents still farm and raise cattle.

barn Glenville Cullowhee WCU cows field

some barns are still in use

Today I photographed some of the barns (mostly abandoned) on Cullowhee Mountain Road. This road goes from Lake Glenville down to Speedwell and Cullowhee, home of Western Carolina University.

NC barn architecture is quite varied.

barn on Cullowhee, Glenville near Western Carolina University

barn near Western Carolina University

Some of the barns I found are getting quite dilapidated and will probably go back to the earth in the next few years. I enjoyed the day. I hope you enjoy the photos.barn siding Cullowhee Mountains Glenville Western Carolina University